Introduction To Amino Acids

- May 03, 2018-

Amino acid is a compound of hydrogen atoms on carboxylic carbon atoms that are substituted by amino acids, and amino and carboxyl groups are included in the molecule. Similar to hydroxy acid, amino acids can be in accordance with amino-linked in the carbon chain in different locations and divided into α-,β-,γ-...-W-amino acid, but after the hydrolysis of the protein is alpha-amino acids, and only more than 20 species, they are the basic unit of protein composition. 

amino acids are the basic substances that make up the protein needed for animal nutrition. Are organic compounds containing alkaline amino and acidic carboxyl groups. The amino group is α-amino acid on α-carbon. The amino acids that make up the protein are mostly α-amino acids.

amino acids in the human body through metabolism can play some of the following functions: ① synthesis of tissue protein, ② into acid, hormones, antibodies, creatine and other ammonia-containing substances, ③ converted to carbohydrates and fats, ④ oxidation into carbon dioxide and water and urea, generate energy.