PNAS finds potential targets for treatment and prognosis of malignant brain tumors

- Jul 17, 2018-

Scientists from the National Institute of Cancer Research (CSI) at the National University of Singapore found that protein BCL6 may be a marker for predicting the prognosis of patients with glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), which is the most malignant tumor in brain tumors.

The study, led by Professor H. Phillip Koeffler of the Independent Institute of CSI, found that patients with lower BCCL6 expression had a higher survival rate than patients with higher levels of protein expression. The study also showed that BCL6 protein may be a potential target for the treatment of GBM - controlling the expression level and activity of BCL6 may help treat the disease.


GBM is a malignant tumor that causes cells in the brain to proliferate and metastasize rapidly, while being highly tolerant to traditional treatment regimens. This makes GBM treatment extremely difficult and challenging. GBM patients usually have a survival time of less than 15 months after diagnosis. This new study explores the role of BCL6 in GBM and the relationship between BCL6 and another GBM-promoting gene. The team found that BCL6 and its "small partner" NCoR can together increase the expression of AXL, thereby promoting the progress of GBM.


"Our study found that BCL6 is a potential prognostic marker for predicting overall survival in patients with GBM. We also found that by disrupting BCL6-NCoR interactions by interfering with BCL6 function, GBM's lethality is limited, thereby limiting cancer cell division and metastasis. In the future we hope to develop new inhibitors to inhibit the activity of BCL6, which may be a potential new strategy for the treatment of GBM," Professor Koeffler said.

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