Basic reaction detection of amino acids

- May 03, 2018-

1, Indanone reaction (Ninhydrin reaction)

Reagent Color Notes

Indanone (Acid Environment heating) Purple (proline, Hydroxyproline yellow) (test α-amino)

2, Sakamoto reaction (Sakaguchi reaction)

Alpha-naphthol + basic Sodium bromate red

(The reaction of guanidine arginine)

3, rice-lung reaction (also known as Mirren)

hgno3+hno3+ hot Red (this reaction is tested for phenolic tyrosine, and white is not heated)

4, Folin-ciocalteau reaction (phenol reagent reaction)

Phosphotungstic acid-phosphate acid blue (test for phenolic tyrosine has this reaction)

5, Yellow protein reaction

The concentrated nitric acid boils yellow (the test benzene ring tyrosine, phenylalanine, tryptophan has this reaction)

6, Hopkin-cole reaction (glyoxylic acid reaction)

Adding glyoxylic acid mixture to the concentrated sulfuric acid acetaldehyde and the concentrated sulfuric acid contact surface produces the purple red ring (the test of indole-base ammonia acid has this reaction)

7, Ehrlich reaction

P-Dimethyl-phenyl-formaldehyde + concentrated hydrochloric acid blue (test for indomethacin)

8. Nitrate Salt Test

NA2 (NO) Fe (CN) 2*2h2o+ dilute ammonia red (the test of sulfhydryl cysteine has this reaction)

9, Sulliwan reaction

1,2 naphthalene quinone, sodium 4 sulfonate +NA2SO3 red (the test of homocysteine has this reaction) 10, Folin reaction