Amino Acid Property

- May 03, 2018-

Amino reaction

Acylation reaction:

and nitrite reaction:

With aldehyde reaction:

Sulfonation reaction:

Reaction with DNFB:

Salt reaction:

Reaction of carboxyl groups The carboxyl groups of amino acids, like other organic acids, can occur under certain conditions, such as acylation, esterification, decarboxylase and salt reaction.

acylation reaction:

Ester reaction:

Decarboxylase reaction:

Salt reaction:

Indanone hydrate reaction (Ninhydrin reaction) α-amino acid and indanone in weak acidic solution of the CPC heat, after the reaction by the dehydration of Carboxymethyl indanone, and then with the hydration of the Indanone three ketone reaction to produce purplish red, the final blue matter. This color reaction is often used for colorimetric determination of α-amino acids and color analysis.