10201-73-7 2-Amino-4-methoxypyridine

10201-73-7 2-Amino-4-methoxypyridine

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2-Amino-4-methoxypyridine   Basic information


Product Name:



2-AMINO-4-METHOXYPYRIDINE; 4-METHOXYPYRIDIN-2-AMINE; 4-METHOXY-PYRIDIN-2-YLAMINE; 4-Methoxy-Pyridine-2-ylamine; 4-AMINO-4-METHOXYLPYRIDINE; 4-METHOXY-PYRIDIN-2-YLAMINE,   4-Methoxy-2-aMinopyridine; 4-(Methyloxy)-2-pyridinaMine








Product   Categories:

Amines and   Aniline; Heterocycles; pharmacetical; Amines; Pyridines; Pyridine; Heterocycle-Pyridine series

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2-Amino-4-methoxypyridine   Chemical Properties


Melting   point 





Pale yellow

Water   Solubility 

Soluble in   Dimethyl sulfoxide, methanol. Slightly soluble in water.


Air Sensitive



CAS DataBase   Reference

10201-73-7(CAS   DataBase Reference)


Safety   Information


Hazard   Codes 


Risk   Statements 


Safety   Statements 







MSDS Information


2-Amino-4-methoxypyridine   Usage And Synthesis

2-Amino-4-methoxypyridine   is a highly selective inducible nitric oxide synthase inhibitors.


Chemical   Properties

Pale Yellow   Solid


2-Amino-4-methoxypyridine   is a highly selective inducible nitric oxide synthase inhibitors.


2-Amino-4-methoxypyridine   Preparation Products And Raw materials


Raw materials



Safety measures

Personal Protection

Always wear full protective gears to ensure your body is shielded from any contact with this product. This should include; air-purifying respirators along with a face mask to ensure you do not inhale the vapors or fumes. Remember to use chemical-resistant gloves for your hands and impervious boots to cover your feet.

Engineering Controls

The working area must be well-equipped with an air cleaning device, a safety shower, fans, chemical incinerator, exhaust ventilation, and lockable cabinets.

First Aid Measures

Skin contact

Wash the affected area with plenty amounts of running water and mild soap for at about 15 minutes. If soreness, irritation, or redness persists, seek medical attention from a doctor or a physician.

Eye contact

If you have contact lenses and you are able to remove them easily, do so first. Rinse your eyes cautiously with plenty of running water for approximately 10-15 minutes. If irritation persists, then seek for immediate medical care or attention.


Move the victim to an open area with sufficient fresh air. If breathing difficulties, is experienced, administer oxygen support and immediately seek for medical care


If ingested, do not induce vomiting. Thoroughly wash your mouth and drink plenty of water, at least half a liter. If symptoms persist, call a poison center or seek immediate medical care from a doctor or physician.

How to use Safely

When the product is in use, consider the following measures:

·         Wear full protective gears to cover your entire body.

·         Do not breathe any emissions such as dust, vapor, or fumes.

·         Always work in a chemical fume hooded area

·         Ensure there is sufficient ventilation in the room

·         Make sure you have emergency controls such as eyewash and a safety shower.

After Use safety measures

After using take note of the following points:

·         Return the product to its original package

·         Ensure the container is tightly closed.

·         Keep it well locked away from unauthorized access.

·         Clean to decontaminate the working bench and eliminate spillages

·         Remove all the contaminated clothing and wash them thoroughly before re-use

·         Thoroughly wash your hands in plenty running water using a mild soap for personal hygiene

·         Never allow any spills to flow along the water drains

·         Dispose of the spills, empty containers, or residues complying with the local regulations.

Storage and Handling


·         Keep it away from unauthorized personnel

·         Lock it in a closed container

·         Avoid exposure to other heat, chemicals, moisture, or any oxidizing agents


·         Ensure you work in an open space or a well-ventilated room

·         Wear full protective gear to minimize inhalation of the fumes, or getting any contact of the chemical with the skin or eye

·         Ensure you always use this product in a fume chamber

Accidental Measures

Fire control

Always wear protective clothing when extinguishing the fire. Use alcohol, dry chemical powder, carbon dioxide, or polymer foam.


Scoop the chemical and release it in a labeled container. Dispose of according to the local and federal waste disposal regulations. Clean the area thoroughly and keep it well ventilated. Never allow the residue to flow along the regular water channels or drains.

Sensitivity and Reactivity

1(Methylsulfonyl)piperidine-4-amine hydrochloride should not be exposed to elevated temperatures, strong oxidizing agents, heat, acid and bases. The primary decomposition products are nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen chloride, nitrogen oxides.

Chemical Disposal

Dispose this product as a special waste and comply with local, federal and state regulations. Ideally, you can opt to combine it with a combustible compound and incinerate using a chemical incinerator that is fitted with a burner and a scrubber.

Shipping Information

The product is safe for both ground and air transportation.


Not data available

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